The UK's branded venture group

We started the first corporate incubator in 1796, famously inventing the diary in 1812. For 200 years our products recorded history and created personal media. Today we are a branded venture group.
- Anthony Letts
LettsGroup uses its proven methodology, advanced technology and AI venture factory to solve some of society's biggest problems.
We focus on next generation technology, media and climate ventures that deliver high growth and strong earnings. Our AI venture factory powers the group and partner ventures.

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'Our ventures include LettsCore, an enterprise content blockchain tackling fake information and media monetisation in GenAI, LettsNews, a crowdsourced AI news agency, LettsArt, a no-code AI platform for the art world and LettsSafari, a biodiversity climate venture.'

Recently we celebrated 225 years of Letts.
Today we scale our ventures with AI. Our values have stood the test of time. They include innovation, sustainability, quality, integrity and family.
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The Letts Diaries logo was pen based
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LettsGroup's is digital

We also operate a think tank, called Surviving, which helps us look around corners, spot upcoming trends and explore new opportunities.