Venture capital reinvented
The venture capital industry is fundamentally changing thanks to AI and Web3. LettsGroup is a part of that change.
The Letts family has an extraordinary history going back to 1796 when John Letts opened a store and publishing business in the city of London. It was one of the earliest examples of a corporate incubator. In 1812 he invented the commercial diary. 225 years later the family is still innovating.
Photo of John Letts
Today LettsGroup is a branded venture group run by Philip Letts, the 7th generation of the eponymous diary family. He is reinventing venture capital in the AI era and developing the group for the 21st Century.
Our values are no different today. They include innovation, sustainability, quality, integrity and family.
The VC industry has a tradition of skewed, inconsistent returns
Overly dependent on analogue processes and individual rockstar investors
Historically delivers just 1 successful venture out of 10
Success rate for corporate venture building even lower, more like 1 in 15
Principals spend time networking, dealmaking and raising new funds - not sourcing, nurturing and helping the ventures they invest in
VC’s should be venture builders, not fund managers
We take a different approach to building ventures with our AI-powered playbook, team system and VentureFactory.
In the 1990’s we organised the Exhibition of Pompei in London and launched Gianni Versace in the UK.
Photo of a designer with 4 models, 2 to his right and 2 to his left
By the early 2000's the family had divested its paper based products and businesses and the 21st Century LettsGroup was born. We developed our innovation methodology and built our AI VentureFactory. More recently we backed and built our first cohort of ventures in Web3 and AI.

Our previous ventures created the world's first cryptocurrency, one of the first smartphone operating systems and a creative services marketplace.
We are just at the beginning of the LettsGroup journey. 
We hope you will join us.
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