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John Letts forever changed the way we record personal history.

The Letts Group has an extraordinary history going back to the late 1700’s when John Letts set up a stationery shop in the city of London. It was not long before he invented the first commercial diary. 225 years later the family is still innovating.

Today we are a branded incubator group run by Philip Letts, the 7th generation of the eponymous diary family. He is supported by Anthony Letts. Together they are modernising and diversifying the group while nurturing the 8th generation.

Did you know that in the 1800’s we also printed interest tables, specialist clerical and medical diaries, calendars, parliamentary registers, ledgers, and logbooks. It was not long before we added address books.

Our values are no different today: family, sustainability, quality, transparency and integrity.

Letts History

We invented the first commercial diary in 1816.

John Letts

Letts diaries have been used by politicians, writers, inventors, industrialists and generals.

Samual Pepys used a Letts diary

In the 1980’s we launched Letts Revise including GCSE and A’level revision guides.

Anthony Letts

In the 1990’s we organised the Exhibition of Pompei in London and launched Gianni Versace in the UK.

In the 2000’s we divested of paper based products and the new Letts Group was born. We started investing in digital media and our incubator powered the exploration into environmental projects and the arts.

Letts Incubate has helped partner organisations to successfully incubate a Web currency, a smartphone desktop system, an international artists network and a creative services marketplace. We also help leading corporates to innovate better.

We are just at the beginning of the new Letts Group’s journey. We hope you will join us.

Letts Group

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