It is 18 months since we introduced the world to the new Letts Group and its branded incubator approach, which we have been developing behind the scenes for quite a while. We are passionate about the intersection between technology, media and creativity. Our incubator, and the group in general, is currently focused on Web3, Media-as-a-Service, NFT, payment systems, cryptocurrency, art commerce, AI and climate tech. 

We believe that we have truly redefined the concept of corporate incubator, which our founder John Letts discovered in 1796, prior to inventing the commercial diary. And in 2021 we made progress on a number of different fronts.

In June we launched a digital greentech venture called Letts Safari in private beta. The beta proved successful and was 300% over-subscribed. We are now fully live and scaling our approach to online crowd rewilding. 

We also established the Letts Journal, a first step in our news media strategy. Behind the scenes we are developing a fully automated, AI driven news network and Media-as-a-Service (MaaS).

We are about to launch an art commerce platform called LettsArt in private beta, making it the first secure NFT enabled artist website platform. LettsArt is a Web3 venture which is building a future where creators can flourish by selling their art directly to collectors, disrupting the inefficient existing art market – for artists, photographers, filmmakers and designers. The latest Letts venture is timely given the creator economy and has a very scalable model.

LettsArt has developed a proprietary technology platform that enables creators to set up an online gallery in minutes and sell their art directly to their supporters with an automated payment system that takes cash and cryptocurrency, plus NFT minting. At the same time, collectors will gain direct access to artist sales and a transparent, data-driven art marketplace. LettsArt goes into private beta with invite-only creators in March.

Letts Group has an experienced team in place, with a number of new additions, and will be looking to scale our current ventures, continue to incubate new ideas and approaches, and start the journey to establishing a partner programme – to begin to welcome external innovators with their exciting ideas and concepts. 

We are passionate about working to create a brighter future and developing our unique branded incubator approach. If you would like to find out more about us go to Letts.group.