LettsGroup expands digitalised eco-services with LettsSafari.

LettsSafari is a LettsGroup venture, a digital platform that allows individuals to do something practical about containing the adverse rate of climate change - one tree, one animal, one new safari park at a time.

LettsGroup is excited to announce the expansion of its recent venture, LettsSafari - a new climate venture with a twist. The goal is to harness, using technology, the power of community to tackle the biodiversity crisis through a focus on ‘renewable nature’. Today, LettsSafari is considered a leader in smaller-scale rewilding.

In a world that is becoming increasingly climate-conscious during a time of crisis, LettsSafari offers innovative, digitised environmental services through its LettsSafari Network of Parks. A digital experience visitors can immerse themselves in all from the comfort of their own home.

The venture, led by Philip Letts and his team, is excited to announce the launch and expansion of LettsSafari +, its members online media service and virtual visitor platform. Here, updates are released every Friday ‘from the park’ direct to members’ inboxes, via LettsSafari websites and within the app. The platform has opened channels including Wildlife Photos, Safari Gardens, Rewilding, and most recently Wild TV. Get a front row seat for content of the highest quality through the network’s dedicated group of wildlife photographers, filmmakers, and writers.

'The future could see climate conscious people switching away from certain TV streaming services and subscribing to eco services like LettsSafari'.

The platform has been tried and tested, leading to the launch of a new ‘Platform Subscription’, which offers companies and individuals ‘real life’ visits, so they can make even more of a difference with LettsSafari.

The digital service’s main offering is a tangible, proactive and economically viable solution to the impacts of climate change through digitalized safari parks that are engineered specifically towards rapidly repairing soil and waterways, absorbing CO2, and ensuring trees and plants thrive naturally, providing habitats for wildlife.

Subscribers participate and learn how to implement ‘mini’ LettsSafari's in their garden, work, school and in the community.

The LettsSafari approach is based on attracting large numbers of digital subscribers who pay £3.50 per month or £35 annually to build wild spaces with us and for themselves. They engage, learn and participate online. We believe that, at scale, our approach can make a measurable and material impact on the climate and biodiversity crisis.

The next 12 months will mark a turning point of growth for the venture, expanding its Network of Parks to plant more trees, extending more content to bring viewers rewilding projects from across the globe, continuing to utilise advanced technology to monitor progress, improve habits, and do even more for climate and wildlife.

LettsSafari’s next phase of growth will also see it plan for an exciting future showcase eco safari park in England that will be open to the public as well as visited online like all the other LettsSafari parks. An African style safari park in the west. A place for day visits and staying over in a safari village. A living, working lab for tangible biodiversity solutions.

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