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We are passionate about the arts. We have hosted a number of exhibitions including the exhibition of Pompei in London and the Exhibition of the Diary in the Mall galleries. We also helped Gianni Versace to expand into the UK.
In 2023 we launched an AI SaaS platform for the art world called LettsArt. Building a future where creators can flourish by selling their art directly to collectors – making a more efficient art market. For artists, photographers, filmmakers and designers
Philip Letts
We collect and support specific genres of art and are reintroducing salon galleries. We are building an environmental art collection and a brand new concept ‘wildlife and sculpture park’. Behind the scenes we have been developing a next generation art commerce platform – LettsArt.
We are passionate about helping creators to connect more directly with their supporters. We believe that creativity and the arts are vital to the future of business, innovation and society.
Reintroducing Salon Galleries
Letts Arts has created a salon gallery in southwest England, called the Robert Adam Gallery, in the historic Robert Adam Orangery at Mamhead Park. It specialises in environmental art.
Devon Sculpture Park
We are working on a new concept wildlife and sculpture park called Devon Sculpture Park – an environmental art park in southwest England that can also be visited online.
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