LettsGroup is led by the family, it is passionate about innovation and is working toward a brighter future.
The family is supported by an amazing team of colleagues and experts. We pioneered virtual working and created the Size Zero business philosophy. We believe in the power of diversity.

Philip Letts : Chair

Philip has a wealth of experience leading international digital media businesses. He designed the 21st Century LettsGroup, created the group’s incubator and was the driver behind our environmental projects.

Anthony Letts : Honorary President

Anthony was Chairman and CEO of Letts Diaries. He modernised the diary and stationery business, expanded into international markets and diversified into educational and non-fiction publishing.

Kara Letts : Media, politics and the environment 

Kara advocates for women leaders at LettsGroup and has been instrumental in the drive to digital media and environmental solutions. She is passionate about politics.

Rosa Maria Letts : The arts

Rosa Maria is a well known art historian and curator. She has organised exhibitions at the V&A and the Ashmolean. She launched Gianni Versace in England. Rosa Maria founded Artstur and was the inspiration behind Letts Arts.

Sebastian Letts : Media, history and the environment

Sebastian is the 8th generation of the Letts family. He has been developing Letts Environment from when he was a teenager. Today he is one of our leading experts in smaller-scale rewilding, an avid historian and a creative writer.

Allegra Letts : Media & the Arts

Allegra is the 8th generation of the Letts family. She is the future of Letts Media and a powerful advocate for women in business, digital media and digital communications. Allegra is a highly organised leader.

John Letts : Founder, Letts Diaries

John Letts started it all. He founded Letts in 1796, invented the commercial diary in 1812 and created probably the world’s first corporate incubator. He continues to inspire us to this day.
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