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Media is in our blood. We have published diaries, books and stationery for two centuries. Today we are focused on digital media. Behind the scenes we are developing Media-as-a-Service (MaaS).

Philip Letts

Below we have highlighted two Letts Media publications which you might find interesting.

DSP Online is a subscription based, mixed media publication covering the climate crisis and natural solutions to global warming. It also examines eco-futures and the environmental arts.

Surviving helps business leaders and investors to navigate the future in a concise, understandable and no nonsense way. It challenges the world we live in and explores approaches to leaner, more sustainable and innovative business.

Recently we published Climate Action Plans for individuals, businesses, cities and towns to help us reduce global warming and cut down emissions.

Letts Media

Letts Books

Letts Books is our specialist online bookshop. It’s categories include environment, nature, art, photography, filmmaking, history, politics and media.

In 1796 John Letts opened our first shop in the City of London. We have owned a number of shops over the centuries. The newest is Letts Books.