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Media is in our blood. We have published diaries, books and stationery for two centuries. Today we are focused on digital media. Behind the scenes we are developing Media-as-a-Service (MaaS).
We’re excited to have launched a new Letts Group media venture, called the Letts Journal, which is an online publication talking straight about business, climate and life”.
Allegra Letts
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The Letts Journal

The Letts Journal is a digital publication talking straight about business. climate and life. This free, hard hitting weekly publication is for informed citizens and business leaders. Go to the Letts Journal.

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LettsSafari is a Media-as-a-Service platform which enables its members to do something about climate change – one tree, one animal, one new safari park at a time. Members get a front row seat at our safari parks – with immersive video, wildlife photography and wild stories. Go to LettsSafari.
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Climate Action Plans
We have published Climate Action Plans for individuals, businesses, cities and towns to help us reduce global warming and cut down emissions.
Letts Books
Letts Books is our specialist online bookshop. It’s categories include environment, nature, art, photography, filmmaking, history, politics and media.
In 1796 John Letts opened our first shop in the City of London. We have owned a number of shops over the centuries. The newest is Letts Books.
Letts Books
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