Letts incubate!
Our AI venture factory powers the group and partner companies.
After we lost the battle for the digital diary to Microsoft on the desk and Nokia in the pocket, we vowed never to get out-innovated again.
At the turn of the millennium we set up a private incubator - taking us back to our roots in the late 1700's when John Letts created probably the world's first corporate incubator. It enables repetitive, sustainable innovation, develops new business lines and diversifies the group. 

We created an innovation methodology called Innov@te™ and built an AI venture factory. It makes all the difference.

LettsGroup has launched LettsArt, a Web3 platform for the art world. We also operate a digital climate venture called LettsSafari, and The Letts Journal – a first step in our news media strategy. Behind the scenes we are building a fully automated AI news network called LettsNews and LettsCore, a groundbreaking Media-as-a-Service platform.


Letts Incubate also helps partner organisations to develop new innovations and we are opening an incubation centre in the southwest of England.

Partner Companies

Letts Incubate partner companies include Beenz, the web currency, Surfkitchen, a provider of smartphone desktops and blur Group, the online creative services network.

Letts incubated partner companies were valued, in aggregate, at over $1 billion at their peak.
Surviving Thinktank
To further enhance innovation at LettsGroup we established a private thinktank called Surviving. Our analysts and researchers help us to look around corners and predict future trends and opportunities.
We launched a monthly column for Surviving at The Letts Journal, which helps business leaders to explore new thinking and future strategies. They join a community and dialogue around change and innovation.
If you have a great venture and would like to join the Letts family of ventures.
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